Yes, I’ll take that instead of an Alex and Ani please.




Some days, you hit it big, like my last sale. Some days, there’s nothing the estate sale company could have done to evacuate the junk available (although I HIGHLY recommend walking through every room before you make that call). And some days, like today, you run right in between, in this sweet spot that makes you wish you had a massive property for all the things you see but just can’t justify purchasing.

Today I went to a sale in Highland Park, IL, about thirty minutes north of where I live now. I turned off the highway and into a small subdivision of town homes. I parked a few homes down due to the line up of cars, and entered through their front glass door.

The den is small, but holds two beautiful pieces of furniture- one leather mahogany leather couch and a matching love seat, listed at $300 and $200, both in excellent condition. What’s great about leather is that its so much easier to clean than furniture with cloth materials. No matter who has owned them before you, pieces like these can be cleaned without the same worry of pieces of the owner before you ingrained into its lining. I look at the pieces forlornly, knowing I have no place or necessity for either piece. Hopefully they will both find a home other than a landfill before the sale ends.

The kitchen has excellent natural lighting, coming from a side door patio and a window over the sink. Directly to my right was the bar, inlaid into the wall, complete with different glass sets for different drinking occasions, along with a small refrigerator below for all your intoxicating needs.

Upstairs, I find two closets worth of clothes that are unfortunately not my size or style, a few book shelves on self help and Jewish history, and a suede blue loveseat, another piece of furniture in excellent condition. This sale has some great finds for a starter home; its previous owner obviously took great care of their possessions.

I walk back down the stairs, and steer north to the dining room. The table holds another unique piece I can’t justify in purchasing for myself- a ceramic bowl shaped and painted as a watermelon for just $10.


Its only April now, but what a nice reminder that summer is just around the corner. A perfect addition to a barbecue layout, lined with your favorite fruit medley. Not picking up this piece was probably my biggest mistake of the day.

Picking through the jewelry layout at the front of the living room, I find the piece I didn’t know I was looking for. A brass, gold plated, Grecian open bangle. I had been looking at a similar bracelet shaped like a feather by Alex and Ani, but I honestly liked this one better. I don’t know how old this bracelet is, but you can only see the wear on the back of the leaf, and all of my gold plated Alex and Anis’ (all bought new) have similar signs of wear (if not worse) over time.


Today the only purchase I made was the bracelet. The Grecian piece was not priced; I offered $5 and the sellers agreed that this was fair.

As for my savings today, I’d like to point out the following:

Grecian feather brass bangle: $5

Similar Alex and Ani piece: $30 (not including shipping and handling)

I saved at least $25 today from shopping second hand today.

Before I go, I’d like to point out one more thing that made today special. Upon check out, a sign hung next to the cashier stating a quote I found so lovely:

“No One Cares How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care”

I asked the seller about the quote, and he replied, “My mother used to always say this, and I’ve used it to model my business.”

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if all businesses used this as their mission statement. From a nursing perspective, I can truly say people agree with this. Less lawsuits come from patients who genuinely believe you care. Even if you don’t know the answer all the time but you still make the effort to help people, your efforts will always be appreciated. I can say from a customer perspective that I always walk away pleased from businesses that have this attitude, especially today.

Until next time…

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