Adopt Don’t Shop

One aspect of purchasing secondhand that I have not yet addressed is one that is near and dear to my heart- adopting a pet. After personal experience with adoptable companion animals between my own adoptions and volunteering at animal shelters, my stance on this important issue has only strengthened. I truly believe that if you... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding with Recycling

After putting off both an alignment and an oil change for the past few weeks, I finally set up the Midas appointment for my day off today. Upon dropping off my car, the manager told me to expect a two hour wait before this was all completed. Initially, my eyes widened- two hours of sitting... Continue Reading →

Savvy While Saving

My friend recently moved into her own apartment. Over a year ago, she was in a situation where she had to give up many of her decorations and furniture. Now moving into a new home, she needed to acquire a few things, cheaply, to complete her apartment set up. I knew she had left a... Continue Reading →

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