Savvy While Saving

My friend recently moved into her own apartment. Over a year ago, she was in a situation where she had to give up many of her decorations and furniture. Now moving into a new home, she needed to acquire a few things, cheaply, to complete her apartment set up.

I knew she had left a lot of her things behind in Chicago, and immediately offered my table and chairs. My things are currently in storage, and I remember wanting to get rid of my table and chairs this year. While the table itself is in great condition, I wanted something a little more sturdy, and my Dad had bought me the table 10 years ago. I was ready to part with it, and thankfully, the set looks perfect in her new home.


The living room is where her resourcefulness has really shined through. The shag cream-colored rug is from another friend that lived down the block from us as kids. One of her co-workers she had talked to about the move happened to have the gray couch pictured, in perfect condition, that simply wasn’t being used, and gave it to her.  This same co-worker had an aunt with a coffee table she was trying to give away, and it fit perfectly in my friend’s living room. She found the thick knitted blanket, and asked her parents for this for Christmas. The beautiful lamp to the left of the couch she found on Offer Up for $20.

living room

The TV stand was listed on Offer Up in the box, never opened, completely new, for $45.  She looked up the price, and the stand was $90 in stores. Why buy a new product off the shelf, when you can find one that is ALSO new, and so much less expensive?  The TV itself was a gift her ex gave her over a year ago, and the lamp to the right was given to her by the same friend who offered her the shag rug.

living room 2

The dresser in the bedroom was found from a resale shop in Uptown, used in her previous apartment. This dresser is over 100 years old and is in excellent condition. How fun to have something the 1800s!!  The vase and the nightstand (nightstand not pictured) were found outside her old apartment, which came to my girl for free.


To break it down more simply, I’d like to show the cost savings here:

Couch= free

Table/chairs= free

Rug= free

Blanket= free

Lamp #1= $20

Lamp #2= free

Coffee table=  free

TV= free

TV stand= $45

Dresser= $150 (purchased three years ago)

Mirror= free

Vase= free

Nightstand= free


Estimated cost if she had purchased new instead:

Couch= $600

Table/chairs= my Dad purchased at $400

Rug= $200

Blanket= $200

Lamp #1= $70

Lamp #2= $50

Coffee table= $150

TV= $350

TV stand= $90

Dresser= $200 (this one was tough to estimate, so I made an average guess from what she would have paid at Target for something obviously not nearly as good of quality)

Mirror= $70

Vase= $30

Nightstand= $100 (another guesstimate made from Target pricing)


Second hand resourcefulness cost my friend $215. Purchasing new would have cost her $2300. She literally saved over $2000 just by using second hand and being resourceful. You cannot argue the amazing savings, and the uniqueness of her pieces!

Almost all of these items were FREE- just because she had the nerve to tell people that she was moving, and she had an idea of what she needed, and what she didn’t need. She looked around on different sites, took people up on offers that worked for her home, and went with it. I personally hadn’t used Offer Up before, and after hearing about and seeing the great deals that my friend has been finding, I am certainly going to start looking at this site for pieces I need. I can’t wait for spring, when estate sale season starts again- we will have so much fun finding needed and wanted items for both of our homes.

What items are you not using in your house or storage space that could be well used by someone else?

Until next time…


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