Class In Consignment

A few weeks ago, I visited my favorite consignment store.
I discovered Kelsey’s Resale Boutique while living in the Chicago suburbs a few years ago, and I always make a point to consistently visit them about twice a year. Their locations unfailingly have high end, lightly or even never worn consignment that is always in good condition. The boutiques are filled with well cared for designer items, including clothes, shoes, and other accessories. The beauty of consignment is that you actually get something back for your nice items. If you drop off at Goodwill or another store, yes, you can get an itemized receipt for your taxes. However, I honestly don’t itemize my taxes yet and I like the idea that you can get at least something back for your designer purchases. Plus, these are items you know will last years. The quality you get with consignment is consistently on point. Many of the shoes and other clothing items I bought from my initial trip four years ago are still in my closet, and some, like these boots, I have been wearing into the ground.


The trip today was for a purpose- I am starting a new job in the next few weeks. For the first time in my ten-year nursing career, I finally won’t have to wear scrubs! Initially, I was so excited for this, and then realized I have practically no business casual clothes to make into outfits. Hence…planning a professional secondhand shopping trip was in order.
This boutique has a few locations, but the one I am most familiar with is located in Hinsdale, Illinois. I went in looking for business casual, but you can see by the looks of this store that purchasing only professional clothes here is difficult. The amount of leather jackets, Louis Vuittons, and Manolo Blahniks makes my stomach flip. Boutiques like this make shopping secondhand so easy and fun.

There are stores online that sell high end secondhand, but that can be tricky if you can’t try on. Plus, even though consignment is secondhand and the pricing is much less than if you bought brand new, a shopping trip here still usually runs me a few hundred. There are so many adorable and well made secondhand pieces, spending less than that is honestly hard. This may sound like a lot of money, but you have to remember that many of the pieces have not only been never worn or gently used, but there is a huge price change from what the item first cost and what it costs second hand. Ever heard the phrase “you lose $1000 as soon as you drive your brand new car off the lot?” My experience has been that the same goes for high end clothing.
After a scary amount of time spent trying on clothes here, I settled on a few pieces for a business casual wardrobe. I purchased these two pairs of dress pants for a total of $75. Not bad for hardly worn Vince Camuto’s and Paige! I didn’t previously own gray or brown dress pants, so both of these options will highly expand the level of outfits I can put together with clothes I already own.

I also don’t have any khakis, so these Michael Kors will have to do. I loved the zipper at the bottom, and they looked great with the flats I was trying them on with. The Seven for Mankind flower pants honestly fit me like Cinderella’s glass slipped, and I had to have them as well. Plus, they are definitely more dressy than a regular jean, and I feel like I can pull them together for a professional look. Together, these were $85.

These three worked wonderfully with all the pants I just purchased. I have been wearing the two longer “lounge” sweaters I own practically nonstop this winter, but they are a little too casual to justify in a work environment. These two were so comfortable, and just looked more professional. The two were $100 total- again, not bad for Rag & Bone and Peserico. I hadn’t heard of Peserico before, so I looked up the brand. They are a beautiful high end Italian clothing line that only sells in boutiques and Neiman Marcus.

These Seven for Mankind jean shorts were not an item I needed, but always something on my To-Watch-For list. Who else hates jean or any sort of shorts shopping?? Finding a nice pair can run you around $100 new, and still not fit quite right. These were $40 and fit like a glove.


I tried on so many clothes that unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my checking account) that I didn’t even get to look at accessories. The side wall was FILLED with Louis Vuitton purses alone. An amazing brand selection for wallets and bags, on top of jewelry I could have spent another hour looking through. This place has taste for days.
Total amount spent: $300
Total estimated of what I should have paid had I bought new: $960
This time, what is labeled as “second” certainly comes through as a winner in my book.
Until next time, thanks for stopping by!
*Of Note: I have no financial ties to Kelsey’s Resale Boutique other than what I personally purchase at their store. I just wanted to share their beauty and genius with all of you. Fortunately, all I had to do to find this wonderful boutique is search through yelp for consignment in my area. The point of this, and many other posts I write, is that you can do this too. A small amount of research will help you find the similar deals as I do all the time. Have you looked to see what consignment or other resale shops are in your area? Unlike estate sales, these stores get in new items all the time, and when you didn’t find anything you wanted a month ago doesn’t mean you won’t find anything on this trip. Happy hunting!

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