Know Your “Why”

6/10/2017 Saturday This is a difficult post to write. But it needs to be said, if I want this blog to grow, and if I want people to know what it is I believe in and want for our environment. One week ago, I was working at an urgent care clinic. I was fortunate enough... Continue Reading →

Yes, Please, and Thank You

4/21/17 Friday Each morning that is over 40 degrees, I force myself out of my plush mattress, tie up my laces, and force myself into a quick run. Learning to push yourself into a morning cardio routine is a game changer; its one of the few things I can point to while living an already... Continue Reading →

Small Home, Big Savings

4/14/17 Friday 11:30am Today’s a beautiful spring day in Chicagoland- 50 with light clouds. Perfect day for a 45 minute drive to Lake Bluff for a sale- what’s 45 minutes when you have 7 episodes of S-Town to catch up on anyway? Admittedly, getting to the Northshore of Chicagoland is not easy. But once you... Continue Reading →

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